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Why Print Media is so Important

We here at The Public Press understand that in order to spread our common ideas and goals, we must utilize all sources of media. By sustaining a physical printed publication, we can consistently reach marginalized groups of people that either may not have access to the internet or a device, or voluntarily don't have a presence on the internet to begin with. A few of these groups of working people include:

Communities of Color   •   Exploited Communities   •   Older Folk   •   Internet Sceptics

It is vital to the unity and growth of our movement that we educate working Americans of all walks of life, regardless of their race,

ethnicity, background, age, or ability to access the internet.

How To Get Your Paper

The Public Press is only online as of now, so you can help us launch our print publication by subscribing to us on Patreon. 

Once we are able to start mass-printing, we will have two primary ways you can get your paper.

1. Monthly Subscription Basis - We will mail to your desired address a copy of our monthly issue.

2. Sign Up for our "Sponsored Paper" List - For those who can't afford a copy, don't worry, we factor in the cost of two copy's when pricing our paper.

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Sponsor A Paper

  • When you purchase a monthly subscription of our print publication, the price you are paying is just enough to cover the cost of printing two copy's of that month's paper. 

  • We believe that everyone should have access to our physical publication, so when you participate in reading our print paper, you are allowing us to send a copy to someone who otherwise wouldn't have access to this information.

Mutual aid and direct action build solidarity amongst working people. Do your part in creating a better future for ALL working Americans.


What You Can Do to Help

To be blunt, we need money in order to launch our physical publication. Until our online store is online (also a work in progress), Patreon is our only source of raising revenue. If you enjoy the content we post and find it to be educationally of value to you, we humbly ask you to consider subscribing to us on Patreon; with even a dollar a month, you get early access to all content we post in addition to some other subscriber-only benefits. 

Our printed publication will include articles published on our website, but notably, it will include articles, artwork, and calls to action not found on our website.  Help us bring you and all other workers our exclusive pro worker, anti capitalist content

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