The Façade of the 3-Letter-Agency: Early Atrocities of the CIA (Part 1)

By BlueJay

The struggle of the classes has persisted through world history - including U.S. history - since the founding of our great country and centuries before. In this modern day and age with access to technology and information like never before, more and more working class individuals are beginning to realize the great extent of disparity and oppression they have been facing. “How did we get here?” It is not a question that has a simple answer, but rather one that has layered causes that have built up into the broken system we are all forced to participate in today.

Here at The Public Press, we are not afraid to explore and discuss the roots of these oppressive and unconstitutional practices committed by our government and its agencies. In this article we will be analyzing some of the wrongdoings committed by the “untouchables” - those members of the 1% that are so far removed from the lives of the average American citizen that they have come to believe that the law is beneath them - those who have hidden their crimes from the view of the public, and had just enough time to wash the blood off of their hands before giving a salute to the flag and returning home for an American home cooked meal.

Taking a look at the timeline and making sense of the historical context and its relevance is far too much for a single article, so we will break down this analysis into several parts. Let us begin with the CIA and its founding, up until the beginning of the 1960’s. The CIA has many large-scale international blunders attached to its reputation, yet such events are mostly only discussed in hushed whispers, oftentimes dismissed as conspiracy.

When it was founded, the goals of the CIA were to provide national security to the policy makers of our nation through the gathering of foreign intelligence used to preemptively stop potential threats. Since its founding, however, the organization designed to protect American values and interests has had a history mixed with bloodshed, hinting to those who are critical enough to pay attention that they may be working for personal interests. Typically, the CIA will begin to act abroad when business or political interests within the United States are threatened by a group within a foreign country or territory - more often than not these are left leaning parties and/or officials, we will call them Group B. After the threat becomes significant enough, the agents within the CIA will then identify an opposing group (typically conservative leaning, such as the military) within the same country to assist in overthrowing these democratic systems, usually with promise of monetary and political gain. We will call this Group R. The training that Group R will receive from the agents will very similarly resemble each other in many ways. The Agency will utilize and teach the same tactics - from propaganda, extortion, and blackmail, to kidnapping, torture, and assassination.



These incidents are quickly passed off due to low media coverage, and whatever information does slip is always covered up as the victim having been a threat to the United States and labelled as a “Communist”, though rarely these fictitious facts are true to form. The earliest signs of widespread corruption against the interests of the people within the Intelligence community date back to World War II prior to the creation of the CIA, when, during Operation PAPERCLIP, U.S. Agents were sneaking Nazi war criminals into the United States to use as a threat to the Soviets - leaving them unpunished for their crimes against humanity. So large was this operation, that names such as SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny and Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s master spy, who with the support of the United States created the “Gehlen Organization” to provide Soviet intelligence to U.S intelligence operatives. The irony of this treachery being that the majority of the information provided was completely incorrect.

Just two years later the CIA is established under the National Security Act of 1947 signed by President Truman, and due to an unforeseen loophole in the Act, allows the CIA to perform covert actions unknown to the American people. This same year in the middle of the Greek Civil War, the President sent in the CIA to support fascist forces to stomp out communist rebellion within the country, assisting Greek fascist leaders with numerous records of human rights violations. One of whom, Georgios Papadopoulos, became the dictator that ruled Greece from 1967-1974, leading to the tortures and deaths of thousands of Greek citizens.

Georgios Papadopoulos

A year after its creation, the covert action wing of the CIA is formed and led by Wall street lawyer Frank Wisner, listed as “responsibilities” within the charter are propaganda, economic warfare, and “preventive direct action” including but not limited sabotage, subversion, and

Georgios Papadopoulos
Frank Wisner

more. Meanwhile the CIA is interfering in the democratic elections in Italy by buying votes, spreading propaganda, and threatening any supporters of the Italian Communist Party, where Palmiro Togliatti and other communist politicians were likely to win. During the late 40’s is when Radio Free Europe began broadcasting across the European continent to spread anti-communist propaganda that was so politically incorrect that it is illegal to publish them in the United States. Operation MOCKINGBIRD, one of the CIA’s more well known atrocities was also in effect throughout the late 40’s. For those who have not heard of it, the operation was designed by recruiting news reporters and journalists to spread false information and propaganda to U.S. citizens to the point that they successfully infiltrated The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, and many more.



Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldier looks at an exhibition of a wax display depicts a snarling interrogator forcing a prisoner's head underwater at a former prison run by the SAVAK, now a museum in Tehran, 2019

In ‘53 the CIA was responsible for assisting a military coup that overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh after he threatened to nationalize British oil, replacing him with Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Pahlavi's secret police, known as the SAVAK, were known for secretly capturing, torturing, and murdering those who opposed the state. In the same year within the United States Project MK-ULTRA begins, as the CIA takes interest in brainwashing techniques in North Korea, subjecting over 150 unwilling and unaware American test subjects to psychedelic drugs such as LSD, paralytics, and electroshock therapy at universities, hospitals, and prisons in the United States - an experiment that ran for twenty years until 1973 and led to multiple deaths ruled as suicides.

Esther Schrier, test subject of MK-ULTRA experiments against her will after seeking help while pregnant for anxiety and postpartum depression where she was put into a 30 day drug-induced coma, and "depatterned" to the point where she "could not remember how to boil water"

Similar to Iran in the 40’s, in 1954 the CIA assisted a military coup in overthrowing democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in Guatemala in an operation known as PBSuccess . This was Arbenz’ punishment for threatening to nationalize United Fruit Company, owned by Rockefeller and with which CIA Director of the time Allen Dulles owned stock of, which was a company that controlled 42% of Guatemalan land and turned the nation into a Banana Republic. The result of this coup was a cycle of ruthless right-wing dictators who maintained power for the following forty years and whose policies led to the violent deaths of over 100,000 Guatemalans in a grizzly period of war. One consequence that those ignorant of these events have failed to notice is that the CIA’s influence in Guatemala and other Central American countries is the exponential growth of illegal immigration to the United States - though who needs accountability when we have the impoverished immigrants of nations our government helped tear apart as scapegoats?

Volunteers in Guatemala work to extract the remains of the 'disappeared', who were dumped in mass graves. CMHR photo, University of Winnipeg

CIA officer Edward Lansdale was at work in Vietnam at the time attempting until 1958 to overthrow the Communist government in North Vietnam while also working to legitimize a tyrannical regime in South Vietnam; the failure of these attempts were met with heavy U.S. intervention in Vietnamese politics, leading to the Vietnam war.

Radio Free Europe, spreading false propaganda throughout Europe in 1956, goads Hungary into revolting against their Communist government. This event, known as the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, ended in a catastrophic failure resulting in a soviet invasion responsible for 37,000 fatalities.

Young Hungarian soldier during the revolution.

Beginning in 1957, the CIA maintained annual coups to overthrow the democratically elected representatives of the Pathet Lao in Laos - a communist group with significant popular support within the nation and a battleground of the cold war between the soviets and the United States. After the failure of the CIA to overthrow the government, the United States began bombing Laos in what became known as the “Secret War in Laos”. During the period between 1964-1973, the United States dropped over 270-million cluster bombs over the country - more than all of the bombs dropped in World War II combined, and making the country the most bombed in history. After the bombings stopped, a quarter of all Laotians became refugees, and many of them ended up living in caves. Up 80 million bombs failed to detonate, causing over 50 new civilian deaths per year to date.

The Secret War on Laos

The United States has always maintained a vice-like grip on the states of Latin America - and Haiti was no different in 1959. When popular opinion rose towards leftist ideals and against the brutal puppet Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier that the United States put into place in 1957, President Eisenhower had the CIA interfere to assist Duvalier in crushing the rebellion and remaining as a dictator who would go on to create the Tonton Macoutes - a private police force that suppressed the public with machetes. During the reign of Francois and his son and successor, Jean-Claude Duvalier, this force massacred over 100,000 Haitians.

Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier

We bear witness in this chronology, even in the first twenty years of it, the amount of damage caused by the CIA right under the noses of the blissfully ignorant American citizens. In the next article, we will be analyzing further the activities of the organization from the 1960’s up into the present day - but until then I would like to leave you, inquisitive reader, with some food for thought: Is the price to live the American way of life paid for in the blood of those whom we have never even met? If so, do you care? There are many who have said, and that still say, they do not. They are in our schools and workplaces, they are certainly in our military and government, and perhaps even in your own families. I for one certainly know many people personally, who, when coming into contact with someone alien to them in looks or belief - who goes against their view of the “ideal American” - would not hesitate to pull a hypothetical or literal trigger if they perceive the slightest misstep.

I implore you to ask questions - do not sit idly by as those who are supposed to be working for you get handed dirty money to commit even dirtier deeds. Think of my question to you, and if you find that you are able to sympathize for those who have been oppressed by a flawed system that continues to persist to this day, than you are one of the true American people that still believe in liberty, and justice, for all.

Until next time,

Fly on, and Fight on.


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