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Our Purpose

Our independent working class publication opposes the current social and economic order that leaves hard working Americans poor, hungry, and unable to meet their other basic needs. It is our shared belief that the only way we can overcome this system of worker exploitation is through the education, organization, and mobilization of working class Americans, just like yourself. Our publication's primary goal is to facilitate the education and expansion of pro-worker policies and values within the United States. There is no force weaker than the strength of one, this is why we must all organize together to materialistically advance our shared interests and goals.


We want to build a better world for all working class people, and we ask you to stand in solidarity with us in advocating for the rights of workers everywhere. 

Our Origins

Starting with four like-minded friends that were disenchanted by how subservient our media is to members of the ruling class, decided to start their own publication called The Public Press, where instead of constant praise of the capitalist class and our broken economic system, we intend to show what problems we as a country face and how we can reasonably go about solving them.


This burning desire to elevate working people above their current standing in society and the economy is one of the principle reasons why we came together to make this publication a reality. Only with the help of other passionate, empathetic, and driven members of our communities, can we break free from the chains this cruel and inequitable economic system has shackled on to us.

Meet the Workers of The Public Press


Alex Rickel

Co-Founder / Director of Publishing / Political Writer

Welcome to our independent working class publication. My name is Alex, and I am proud to be of the working class. I grew up 'middle class' in rural Wisconsin to a Jewish mother and a Lutheran father. My family background alone gave me a great deal of perspective on life, yet it wasn't until I became a young adult that I would recognize the true state of the world. I have come to the understanding that the corporate media, just like the government, doesn't serve the interests of working Americans because they themselves aren't working people. This current reality is exactly why we here at The Public Press believe what we are doing is so important. Those of us who must work for a living deserve a press that will cover stories and issues from the perspective of working people; our struggles deserve the attention of the media, and if capitalist owned outlets won't give us that basic demand, then our publication will. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gabriel Velásquez

Co-Founder / Vice Director of Publishing / Journalist 

Healthcare worker turned Politico turned Journalist, writing on what matters most to working families.


Harrison Cicero

Co-Founder / Political Writer

Harrison is a 21 year old college student in the state of Wisconsin who is almost done receiving his degree in Drama and Arts Management. Born into a working class family, he spent his early life in Chicago Illinois, until moving to Wisconsin in 2012. This transition from life in an Urban area to a rural area led Harrison to notice divisions in general American thought-especially noticing these stark divisions in those of the working class, and continued to foster his ideas on this throughout his time in school. This is what has motivated Harrison to write for the Public Press and to help educate and unite the working class of America as a whole.



Co-Founder / Writer

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read the articles that myself and the other contributors to TPP have taken the time to research, write, and publish. My pen name is Jay or Blue Jay (Shortened from RedWhiteBlueJay). I chose this bird and symbol to represent both the American spirit as well as the freedoms to choose our own paths - for many of us, choosing the correct path can be a difficult or even frightening for some of us. In the difficult choice for me to use a pen name I have allowed myself to retain anonymity while still providing factual and integral information I believe must be shared to our readers. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Fly on to the American People, and Fight on to the Workers.