Our basic rights as working people are under attack by the rich and powerful. Join us in educating all workers of their rights and how we can take back power in our workplaces.

Workers Rights


Everyone in this country deserve the ability to elect a government that is actually for the people, by the people. Through democratic means, we will actualize this demand.

Truth & Transparency

The ruling class and their media puppets utilize 

propaganda to fool working people into fighting against their own interests. We will not sit idly by as people are lied to.

Working Class

An injury to one worker is an injury to ALL workers. We aim to build working class

solidarity as a means to advance the interests of working people like yourself.

Fascism and all other authoritarian ideologies pose a very real threat to the American people. We must unite together to fight against these dangerous beliefs.

Anti Fascism

When working people carry out direct action aimed at disrupting the control of our corrupt government and

broken economic system, we make life better for all of us.

Direct Action



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